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Discount Pharmacy Prices
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Pharmacy Information

The following pharmacy information is posted in a question/answer format based on the most common questions that our staff addresses on a daily bases:

How do I consult with a doctor over the internet to get my prescription?

Our process is very simple. We have prepared an online questionnaire to gather the pertinent data our physicians need to review before issuing a prescription. No physical exam is required because we use a secure Internet vehicle for the patient to transmit the questionnaire to and consult with the physician. This process is not for everyone or every condition. We reserve the right to decline to issue a prescription based on the physician’s independent medical judgment and review of the information provided in the patient questionnaire.

How do I know I am receiving proper care and a high level of service?

In order to provide proper patient care and a high level of service to the patient, we have made a commitment to meet or exceed applicable regulations. This means we only use physicians who are licensed and have the proper certifications and credentials. We only dispense medications in the countries in which we are licensed and we use only highly qualified pharmacists to fill every order.

How do I know the medicine I will receive is comparable to what I would buy at my local pharmacy?

EU Meds Pharmacy buys our medications from the manufacturer or licensed distributor so you can rest assured that the medications we provide are the same level of quality that you purchase your local pharmacy.

How do I refill my prescription?

For refills please return the following page and select the medication you wish to order. Pharmacy Price list (click here for details)

What prescription medications do you dispense?

Please see the left navigation for information on the prescription medications we offer or you may also visit our discount pharmacy price page (click here for details).